Family Intervention Services
for Addiction

Are you looking how to create a family intervention for someone suffering with alcoholism, drug addiction or an eating disorder?

Our Solutions

  • Alcohol
  • Drug Addiction

  • Eating Disorder

  • Co-Dependency

employee intervention services

Employee Intervention Services

We’re here to help you help your employee and/or colleague find freedom from ravaging effects of addiction.

adolescent intervention services

Adolescent Intervention Services

Whole families intervention and holistic recovery services plans and performs adolescent interventions so that the whole family can heal.

holistic coaching

Holistic Recovery Coaching

Whole Families Intervention Services believes that recovery coaching in early sobriety creates a strong foundation for long-term recovery.



Our Intervention Services for addiction help your loved one seek and find treatment from alcoholism, drug addiction and eating disorders.


"Luckily, when I was desperately looking for help and called Whole Families Intervention, Frances answered the phone. She was absolutely fabulous. She was empathetic, professional , and knowledgeable. She set everything up within a week. Timing was very important, since the person who needed help could have lost everything within a very short time. Absolutely, everything was covered, so the alcoholic would have no excuses not to go into rehab. I highly recommend Whole Families Intervention. I feel they saved the life of my alcoholic."
Testimonials - Ashley Davis
"Frances the most incredible, passionate individual I have ever met . Family Intervention Services truly care about the families they are working with and want to make sure everyone is complete and happy. I would look no further if you want your family to become whole again !"
Testimonials - Micheal Lee
"Whole Families Intervention worked with my family to help me choose a better way to live. They researched a treatment center, worked with me to accept that I needed help at the intervention, flew down with me to the treatment center *and* flew with me back afterwords to support me as I entered transitional housing. They have stayed in touch with me and offered love & support ever since then, and by their help, hard work, and the grace of my Higher Power, I am now 2 years clean as of 2/17/2020. They are healers - consider contacting them if you have a desire to stay clean or want to find a new way to live."
Testimonials - Oliver Wilson

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We believe the first steps towards health and healing from addiction are bridged with compassion, integrity, and whole hearted-care. Give us a call to speak with one of our intervention specialists and learn how we can help you. We’re here for you and your family.

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