Intervention Services
For Adolescents

How to Plan An Intervention for An Adolescent

In planning for an adolescent intervention, it is essential to intercede early.

Intervention Services For Adolescents


  In the U.S., 200,000 adolescent visits to the emergency department were attributed to alcohol related issues.
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Adolescence Is a Challenging Time for Children

Their bodies are changing from day to day, and along with those, come fluctuating emotions minute to minute. It’s important to intervene promptly. Whole families intervention and holistic recovery services plans and performs adolescent interventions so that the whole family can heal.

Challenges at home or school can create enormous stress and can steer teens, 12 – 18 years old, down a path of alcohol abuse, drug addiction, codependency and/or compulsive behaviors, such as disordered eating or gaming. Addiction during these developmental years can lead to life-long physical, emotional, and mental health consequences.

Intervention Services For Adolescents

Whole Families Adolescent Intervention – Different Than Adult

Adolescent intervention and treatment is unique. Teens have different needs than adults. Most adolescents are in the beginning stages of their addiction and haven’t suffered enough negative consequences to choose recovery.

Whole families intervention and holistic recovery services aims to encourage the adolescent to choose treatment. When a young person chooses treatment voluntarily, he or she is more likely to willingly participate in the process from the start.

Whole families intervention and holistic recovery services approaches teens with lovingkindness, empathy, and compassion. This is significant, because we have found the most effective way to help a loved one towards recovery is to guide and support families in learning to love with dignity and honor. We help families reconnect with the strength, hope, and resiliency that has defined who they are. We help them set clear expectations and boundaries for their adolescent.

Intervention Services For Adolescents

Age Appropriate Treatment

For many years, adolescents were given the same consideration as adults in the same treatment center. Recent studies show that this strategy was not only less effective on adolescents, but sometimes had adverse and negative results. Adolescents and their families have different needs than adults. Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services plans and performs interventions that are individualized for adolescents. We direct families to those treatment centers that specifically service adolescents and the particular challenges they face day to day.

Young people are the most prevalent users of prescriptions drugs, with over 17,000 young adults dying from a prescription overdose.  Intervening on the behalf of an adolescent can prove challenging. For adolescents abusing drugs, they can feel invincible. While consequences may already be present in early addiction, this population may not be able to see it for themselves. They may not have experienced grave enough consequences for them to want to change their habits. Empathetic, caring interventions that include family members side by side the person of concern in decision-making has proven an effective way to help a loved one towards recovery.

Intervention Services For Adolescents

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