Intervention Services
for Eating Disorders

Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services plans and performs eating disorder interventions with compassion and understanding.

It is important to seek treatment early for eating disorders. People with eating disorders are at higher risk for suicide and medical complications. People with eating disorders can often have other mental disorders (such as depression or anxiety) or problems with substance use.

Eating Disorder Intervention Services






Eating Disorders - A Brief Explanation

Eating disorders, such as anorexia, binge eating, and bulimia, are significant psychological illnesses. These illnesses manifest in abnormal eating habits, such as insufficient or excessive food intake.

Eating disorders often involve extreme emotions, attitudes, and behaviors, including a distorted vision about body weight and shape.

Left untreated, individuals with eating disorders can suffer both physical and mental deterioration. This manifests in denial, self-harming behavior, and life-threatening health consequences.

Eating disorders are very similar to  substance abuse and alcoholism. These two addictions may even occur with an eating disorder.

As with all addictions, the eating disorder is not the problem. For those who suffer with disordered eating, it is the solution.

The problem is one’s inability to handle uncomfortable feelings or situations. Addicted people use their drug of choice (in this case, controlling the amount of food consumed) to minimize or make their problem go away altogether. In controlling the amount of food consumed, individuals convince themselves they have control over their lives.

Eating Disorder Intervention Services

Eating Disorders - An Urgent Problem

While many eating disorders seem to affect adolescent women than any other age group, individuals of all ages and both genders can and do develop eating disorders.  Recent studies reveal that over 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from some type of disordered eating.

It is crucial that the person concerned get help.  Deciding to reach out for help in planning and performing an eating disorder intervention may save more than one life. Just like other addictions, an eating disorder is a family disease. Eating disorders are complicated. They are progressive diseases that only intensify without proper treatment. The symptoms can increase to the point of hospitalization and death.

Eating disorder intervention services

How Whole Families Intervention And Holistic Recovery Services Can Help

No matter how despairing you and your family may feel, there is a path to recovery, sanity and peace. Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services helps plan and perform eating disorder interventions with compassion and care.

Our specialized and highly trained interventionists have the knowledge and experience to handle even the most complex eating disorders. In orchestrating an eating disorder intervention, we help families help their loved one to accept treatment or face the consequences of refusing treatment. All of this is done with lovingkindness, respect, and dignity.

With our eating disorder interventions, Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services teaches families the language those suffering from disordered eating can understand and accept. The language is compassion and lovingkindness.

In the process of preparing for an eating disorder intervention, we help families connect with their innate strength, courage, hope and commitment to each other. In tapping into their corporate tenacity, families and the person of concern can overcome looming challenges.

We encourage families to communicate compassionately. We encourage families to communicate their confidence in their loved one’s ability to overcome the addiction. At the same time, we encourage families to articulate their hopes, aspirations for their loved one.

Whole Families Intervention and Holistic Recovery Services aims to bring healing for the whole family. We provide tools to help create healthy boundaries and accountability during this turbulent time.

We meet with you and walk with you to empower the whole family to begin your own journey toward recovery and balance. We remain with you and support you as long as it takes for everyone to achieve long term recovery and balance.

Eating Disorder Intervention Services

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